Text that reads "All hail the little king." Underneath the text is an image of a Little Kings Bottle sitting on a red leather throne.
Text that reads "All Hail the Little King." Underneath that text is a bottle of Little Kings Cream Ale on top of a leather throne.


History of Little Kings

Little Kings was originally brewed by the Schoenling Brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio. Legend has it that the sweet cream ale in the iconic small bottle was created when the draught beer cooler went on the fritz at Cincinnati’s famous Montgomery Inn. (Refrigeration was a finicky thing in those days.) The regular patrons loved Schoenling Cream Ale as a sidecar chaser for their bourbon boilermakers, but didn’t want to buy full-sized bottles.

Necessity led to the invention and the king was born. The delicious, cream ale with subtle sweetness was an instant hit and the 7-ounce bottle became the perfect sidecar chaser.